Kaelina Ar'kath

"Gifted with the natural charisma of war heroes and great leaders, a body of a goddess, and a spirt of an old god biding it's time inside her... It leaves many to wonder how she doesn't rule the world of men already..." -Astro'kar the Forgotten




Born in the far lands of the west, to a small cold tower high in a mountain. The tower built by a lord, her farther. Lord Rennik Ar’kath and his keep had grown both high and deep into the Mountain. Mining both silver, obsidian, and preciouses gems, the wealth forever grew for the fortress. Dwarfs worked in his mines, men and dragon born mercenaries worked his walls, and woman of all kinds worked his bed side. The Lord was a very charismatic and those who worked and lived for him never complained. For years he acted in secret to the world with the aid of a young dark wizard. The wizard severed loyally until after the celebration of Kaelina’s first name day. The wizard had stolen the babe and rode off under the cover of darkness. The wizard had dabbled in foresight and had seen who she would grow up to be, he couldn’t let her farther have her too.

Less a father and a less teacher the wizard let the child live free within the bounds of spell around a small cabin deep in the north woods from the fortress. A care taker; he himself became entranced with serving her will even as she grew. Blinded so much by her power over him, he let her leave with the man named Rannulfus. A young travelling mercenary captain of a small company. They travelled across the west lands for years. First he trained her in the art of sword fighting, her natural magic abilities soon blossomed as well. He quickly fell in love with the young girl and she with him. Many battles his company fought, the faces of his men always changed and there numbers never steady, but Rannulfus always returned to her. There time together was entranced in love with a deep lust and friendship for each other.

He brushed a purple lock back from over her face. He just smiled at her as he did, her man of few words. She sometimes wondered if he forgot how to use his tongue…her cheeks became a a pink hue. His smile changed to the one he took when he craved her flesh. They could read eachother like words in a book, once this venture of treasure hunting through this old fortress was over, she would grant him his wish for a son.

The wizard muttered a few words and dragged his hand across the stone wall. A black portal opened across it. “Kaelina, your fate is no longer needed here, you must step through for the the fate of many yet are to be placed on your shoulders and it is much better if you were to hurry…”

“But Rannulfus and the others! They are on there way to save me!”

“Your father will Show them no mercy, now quickly step through the portal , before I tire any further.”

Upon exiting the black portal, Kaelina stepped out into the Eastern lands alone, a sword for hire in a new world. Across lands of men and ork, lovers followed and protected her, but faithful she stayed, the thought of her Rannulfus coming to find her. His gift around her neck, her families sigil, lost to time returned to her. She walked alone, the forests and mountains to the South, a strange object in the distance, a black peak, a tower…

Kaelina Marr Ar’kath, born a Tiefling sporting a naturally unnatural, just longer then shoulder length, purple hair. Large silver eyes and two obsidian horns roll back over her forehead. With a clear but tinted purple complexion, just over six feet tall, one-hundred and sixty-five pounds and a long, slim, rigged, tail with a spearhead tip completes her person. Born under the watch of the gods and gifted as such. A body of a goddess makes her an outstanding image of female beauty. Her armour a combination of: mail, leather, and some plate. Defence and mobility kept in balance; her attacks are lead by a two-handed Kopesh and supported by the mental abilities of a battlemind.

Kaelina Ar'kath

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