The Black Citadel



“When the sun is high, or the sky is black.
Whether good reigns all, or is nay but a spark.
It will stand for ever, like a rotted plaque.
In between the mountains, the Tower of the Dark.”

-Attributed to the Folktale "The Tower in the Dark.

The Black Citadel, an obsidian structure wrack with mystery. Its creators are unknown, or simply forgotten. The tower has a lot of untold magics placed upon it, and despite countless attempts to bring it down, it always seems to reappear, in full power.


The tower is always controlled by a central leader, currently, that leader is Queen Kaelina. She is assisted by her Helpful Council, and Stewards. There is a moderate amount of people now living in the surrounding area, and the Tower has kept a Ledger of its stead.


The Black Citadel

The Black Citadel andrew_a_fraser andrew_a_fraser